Summer 2018 available: Eggs * Beef * Chickens.   Not available: Honey, Turkeys. Contact us for updates.

We Produce Grass Fed Beef and FREE-Range Eggs ... All Year Round.

Seasonally we raise Free Range Meat Chickens and Turkeys, and occasionally some vegetables.

We are a small family farm* producing fresh food for the local community in a sustainable, diverse, and environmentally sound way:

  • Locally Grown on our Family Farm in Vandorf
  • Naturally Raised in a SMALL Herd or Flock
  • No Mass Production
  • FREE RANGE means: The animals are spending most days outdoors with lots of space
  • No Chemicals
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • Calves nurse on Mother Cows
  • Meat is Government Inspected
  • EGGS DAILY FRESH  - Self Serve at Farm  during daylight hours
  • No beef order too Small - buy individual steaks/roasts or 1/4 Cow

We Didn’t Want To Feed Our Children Chemically Altered Food From Mass Production…

That’s Why We Raise Healthy Natural Food On Our Home Farm."

We are not certified organic at this time. Organic certification is quite expensive. We are too small for that. We eat what we produce and we only sell what's left over. We're not selling to stores, markets, or any dealers. You are welcome to visit us and look how we operate. Just call ahead.

How to buy eggs: We sell eggs daily fresh at the farm. Please drive up the driveway and follow the signs to get your eggs. $6.00 per dozen.

For Grass Fed Beef information please click here  or call us at 905-751-1323 for orders. We are a working farm without a receptionist. Please leave us a message.


Diversity Farms, 2572 Vandorf Road, Stouffville, ON, Canada. 905-751-1323

Hours: Daily during daylight hours. We are a farm, not a retail store.

One Block North of Bloomington Ave. between Warden and Woodbine. For a map click here.

Our free range egg and grass fed beef customers come the following areas: Whitchurch-Stouffville, Aurora, Markham, Newmarket, Gwillimbury, Richmond Hill, Oakridges, Thornhill, Vaughan, King Township, York Region, Toronto, GTA, York Region, Pickering, and many more communities in Ontario.

What shall you do if there are no eggs

I can understand your dilemma. We are a small farm who started just selling to our immediate neighbors. Our number of eggs is limited to less than 100 per day - that's 8 dozen or so. Because of Google we seem to be visible to everyone in Toronto, I have even people coming to us from Mississauga and downtown. Some people, especially those who come from far, then want to buy 10 dozen eggs... and leave disappointed.

Getting more chickens and starting a large scale egg production defeats what we are doing. The large guys then sell in the grocery stores with eggs that were graded and licensed by the egg marketing board. There is huge bureaucracy in mass production and the freshness of the eggs, the environment and the chickens suffer. I'm sure you have checked it out on the internet.

Doing it small scale, like we do is work without profit (Can't hire a sales person at $14 per hour to sell $50 of eggs in 12 hours). That's why we do the honor system. We have seen many people start up doing what we do, but after they did it for a number of seasons, they give up. It costs time, cleaning out the barns is not fun, coyotes, hawks, foxes, eat your chickens, you have to be there every day... forget about a trip to a cottage on the weekend etc. Our farming model is not easily repeated and we do it only because we feel we improve our world and our neighborhood by doing what we do. We are happy when we see the smiles in the childrens' face and their parents telling us they would never buy eggs from the grocery store again... but sorry, you'd go hungry, you'll need to buy grocery store eggs at least from time to time.

Sometimes clients want to reserve, make a special deal with us etc. That would be excluding other people. That's not diversified, not inclusive, not democratic.

That's why we operate by the first-come-first-serve principle. You need luck and I tell people from Mississauga to buy from a local store. Don't drive one hour to live "natural".

What can you do to increase your chances to get eggs?Come when it's convenient and when you are already in the area. Your luck will be greater on bad weather days in the middle of the week, when nobody comes out for a "drive".


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We have only a small herd of cattle grazing outdoors all year round.  

FREE Range Turkeys and Chickens produce firm and darker meat. We never use hormones, antibiotics or anything not natural. Turkeys are fresh for Christmas.

Our Chickens  and Turkeys are FREE-Range: Access to go outdoors any time of the year.

Our Turkeys and Meat chickens (the white chickens on the photo) mingle with the brown layers.


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